No More Excuses! A Photographer’s Rebuttal

May 17, 2021 | Tips & Tricks

A family of six, including parents and four young daughters, shares a joyful moment outdoors, with the children smiling and interacting closely with the adults.

There are countless reasons people put off family photos. Here are a few common ones and my answers to them. Feel free to try to stump me with your excuse!

1. “I’m waiting for a special occasion”

You don’t need to wait until someone graduates or gets married to have a photo session. You don’t even need to wait until your extended family is in town! In fact, it’s probably better to do it when you don’t have the added pressure of a special occasion. If it helps, think of your family photo session as a family date where you get to just hang out and spend time enjoying each other’s company!

2. “I don’t like the way I look”

We all have things about our appearance that we’re self-conscious about. I won’t go into my personal list, but trust me, it’s not short. Even though I don’t look “perfect” in my family photos, I still love them because they capture the love between my kids, my husband, and me. Maybe it’s a bit morbid, but I imagine that my children will look back at these photos after I’m gone and will remember how much I loved them. They won’t notice those extra pounds or the sunspots on my skin. They’ll see love, joy, and happiness. This (among other things) is what I really aim to deliver for my clients.

3. “I don’t know what to wear/what my family should wear”

This one can be pretty overwhelming. You don’t want to be matchy-matchy, but you also don’t want to clash! I really don’t want this to be a huge barrier for anyone, so I send an outfit inspiration guide to all my clients. I’m also working on a couple of blog posts about what to wear and where to shop (online or locally), so be on the lookout for that soon!

4. “I’m afraid my kids will be too shy/too wild/misbehave”

Kids are unpredictable. It’s true that some kids shut down in front of a camera and would rather hide on their parent’s shoulder. Other kids live for the attention! And then there are kids who don’t want to listen or throw tantrums. Having three small kids of my own, I’ve seen the full range of reactions from kids. That said, I have ways of dealing with all of these issues. For instance, I have no problem with a child getting more snuggles from their parent if it makes them feel more comfortable! Have an energetic kid? I can tire them out. And if your child misbehaves, I usually take the attention away from them for a little bit to let them cool off. I’ve also found that direction given by an adult that is not a parent is usually better received by kids.

A young girl gazes up at her father and smiles.

5. “I’m afraid my spouse will be grumpy about it”

Oh boy do I feel this one! Sometimes it doesn’t matter if family photos are important to one partner, but not the other. The one who isn’t into it will just go along with it because it makes the other happy. However, I know this isn’t always the case! Feel free to tell your unwilling spouse/partner that I will not force them to smile. If posing and smiling isn’t their jam, they’re in luck – it’s not mine either. One of the things I really strive to do in all my sessions is build connections. We might not all have the same interests or sense of humor, but that doesn’t mean I can’t meet you where you are.

6. “I don’t have time to find a photographer”

Ok, this is where I can help. I know finding a family photographer and going through the whole process of figuring out when and where and what to wear can be super daunting. That’s why my process is specifically designed with these obstacles in mind. I’ve worked hard to make the process as smooth as can be from start to finish. I’ll help you through the prep, make the session itself a breeze, and I even provide print credit in each of my Collections to ensure that you get something tangible from our time together.

7. “I just haven’t thought about it”

I completely understand this one. Life can be pretty chaotic and overwhelming with a family. We parents often feel like we can barely complete the necessary everyday tasks, let alone the extras. But if you’re seeing this, this is your sign that you should think about family portraits. Before you know it, another year, two years, five years will have passed and you’ll have missed out on the opportunity to have beautiful images of your whole family at this age.

So what’s your excuse?

Do you have an excuse I didn’t mention? Tell me in the comments and I’ll see if I can rebut it! Or if this has lit a fire under you to schedule family photos, I’ve got you. Click the button below to contact me and get on my calendar!


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