Hello. I’m Crystal.

I’m so glad you’re here


Life is made up of big moments.

It’s the birthdays, the graduations, the weddings, and the birth of your first child. It’s all the monumental occasions that make up a lifetime.

Crystal Berry sits on her porch in a blue, handknit sweater.


But it’s also the little things.

It’s the way my daughter’s nose crinkles when she laughs. It’s the way my son concentrates so deeply when he plays. It’s how my daughter’s hair swings when she runs. It’s all the little moments that get forgotten after they pass. Those are the ones close to my heart.


I love to…


Whenever I’m interested in something, I tend to dive deep. I want to know everything about it and I want to make sure I know how to do new things the right way. I’ve been called tenacious and passionate – I’ll take it!


Creativity makes me feel alive. I love to knit, sew, and just generally make things. My favorite things to make are useful, while still being beautiful.


One of my most mentioned traits is my laugh. I laugh a lot. I’m not sorry about it either. Life should be joyful!


Let’s connect.

I’d love to connect with you to discuss how I can help capture your family memories. Just fill out my handy contact form so we can get to know each other and determine if we’re a good fit.